cool! A cartoon and stuff!

2013-04-21 01:30:33 by MrTheJazz

So I finally roped an artist into taking my mewtwo recording and making an animation of it! Much thanks to thatawkwardkid for making an amateur voice actor's dreams come true. Seriously, this is great. I hope you guys enjoy the cartoon. You can watch it here.

In other news, I entered in the 10th voice acting contest! You can see my entry here:

Yes, I'm a shameless attention whore. Not afraid to admit it.

voice acting

2012-12-30 20:25:29 by MrTheJazz

I'm voice acting now. If you need one, shoot me a PM. I do male voices better and struggle with upper register stuff, but I'm improving.

New Flash Cartoon!

2008-01-28 16:54:33 by MrTheJazz

Aiming for TOTW here. Wish me Luuuuuuuuuck.

New Flash Cartoon!