voice acting

2012-12-30 20:25:29 by MrTheJazz

I'm voice acting now. If you need one, shoot me a PM. I do male voices better and struggle with upper register stuff, but I'm improving.


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2013-01-07 01:41:53

Your survey entry:

http://austerity.newgrounds.com/news/post/8130 33

MrTheJazz responds:

Thanks man.


2013-01-09 18:46:31

Any competent human being with a microphone can VA, what's special about you.

(Updated ) MrTheJazz responds:

It's not about being special. It's about doing what you enjoy, and I enjoy the fuck out of this. Kind of like how you enjoy trolling random people on the internet for no reason whatsoever. To each their own, eh?

In either case, stick around if you like. I need people like you to keep me humble.